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Spring and Fall Cleanups

  • All Leaves, branches and other debris raked from lawn and bed areas and removed from your property.
  • All Sand and debris removed from your driveway and paved surfaces.
  • General evaluation of your needs for the upcoming season.

Lawn Maintenance

  • All grass areas cut at industry recommended heights.
  • Edges trimmed with a weed wacker.
  • All paved surfaces swept off.
  • Optional weeding and flower care.
  • Service with a smile.

Flower, Tree and Shrub Installation and Pruning

  • Pruning of all Ornamental Trees and Shrubs.
  • Replacement of dead or dying trees and shrubs.
  • New plantings to beautify your home.
  • Seasonal Flowers and bulbs, planting, fertilization and maintenance.

Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs

  • Expert diagnosis of existing Sprinkler Systems.  We have over 20 years of experience with all kinds of Sprinkler systems from Residential homes to Football fields and Large Office Parks/Condo's .  If you have problems, We can fix it.
  • Custom designed Sprinkler Systems.  Either new or adding to or upgrading your existing system.  We work with all major manufacturers and can handle tricky situations like pumps and extreme slopes.
  • Damage Free Installations.  We own our own Pipe Pulling Equipment that will do the least damage possible to your lawn.
  • Free Wireless Rain Shut off with all new installations, a $100.00 value.

New Lawns Seed or Sod

We Offer several Lawn Renovation Options, Seed, Sod, Hydro-seeding and Slice Seeding.  Below is a quick Overview of each Option.  On some properties a combination of the above may make sense and we would be happy to show you all the options that can realize your goal and save you money at the same time.

  • Conventional Seeding:  Conventional Seeding is done 2 ways, Over-seeding for existing lawns without problems or Renovation  seeding which entails removing the existing lawn, spreading new loam and sowing seed into the new lawn areas.  Overseeding may be done 2 ways, Broadcast or Slice-Seeding.  Broadcast is spreading seed with a spreader, whereas Slice seeding uses a machine to slice grooves into the soil, drop seed into the grooves and roll all at the same time.  Sliceseeding can be be a huge saving over a traditional new loam and seed job, typically 1/3rd the cost.
  • Sod:  Sod lawns are instant carpets of new grass.  Sod is primarily used in full sun areas, but Shady Sod is available and must be specifically ordered from the Sod Farm.  Sodding is the most expensive way to renovate a lawn, but the advantages of no weeds, short "ready to walk on" time outweigh the additional costs.  Sod does require more care as because of the mix of seeds used, it can be more susceptible to certain lawn diseases and it requires a substantial amount of water to get established.
  • Hydroseeding:  Hydroseeding is all the rage these days, but there are some misconceptions about this type of seeding.  Originally developed for hillsides and difficult areas to do conventional seeding or sodding, Hydro seeding is a method, and not a seed.  In fact often times, the same seed used by sod farms or conventional seeders is used by hydro seeders and vice versa.  Hydro seed must be applied onto bare soil just like conventional seed or sod.
  • Slice Seeding:  Slice seeding can be a cost effective solution for areas that need over seeding or are in relatively good shape, but suffering from drought or disease related conditions.  Provided the soil and grading are good, Sliceseeding provides excellent results without the expense of removing the old lawn and adding new loam.  Where it is possibly, we highly recommend this approach.

Bark Mulching

  • Nothing looks better than a fresh layer of Bark Mulch.  The key to a Quality Bark Mulch installation is the prep work done before hand.  All leaves are removed from the shrubs and all weeds are either pulled or sprayed with a herbicide such as Roundup.  The edges are cut with a machine and then hand edged to a depth of 3-4 inches to prevent the grass from spreading into the beds and prevent rain from washing the mulch into your lawn or walkways.  Periodically excess mulch should be removed, especially around the trunks of trees and shrubs.  We use double ground bark for a fine texture and rake it smooth. There are several types of Bark Mulch and each is priced accordingly.
  • Premium Hemlock Bark Mulch is the most expensive mulch.  Known for it's reddish color Hemlock is our preferred mulch and we buy it by the Tractor Trailer load to give you the best possible price.
  • Hemlock Mix The Hemlock Mix mulch is typically 80% Hemlock mixed with either Pine or Cedar.  Typically it is a little darker than Pure Hemlock, but can be a good cost savings for acceptable color.
  • Pine Bark Mulch  Pine is generally the least expensive bark mulch and is more brown in color.
  • Colored Bark Mulch  A relatively new process of painting cheaper mulch to look like Hemlock, or any other color for that matter.  Care should be taken when selecting colored mulch as some mills mix in ground up wood or pallets.  If you choose this option, make sure it is Bark and not Wood, as wood will attract Carpenter Ants and Termites.
  • Playground Mulch  Playground Mulch is coarse ground softwood mulch especially made for under swing sets and play areas.  Playground Mulch is not made in large quantities and can be difficult to find and depending on the supplier more expensive than other mulches or peastone.

Bobcat and Loader Work

We have 3 Bobcat Style Skid Steer Loaders and 2 larger Front End Loaders for Grading or other similar work.  The "Bobcats" also have Backhoe attachments for digging trenches or foundations, pulling stumps, or planting larger trees or hedges.


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